Panel of Ukrainian, Sudanese, Iranian Feminist Librarians

On August 9, 2023,  The Social Responsibilities Round Table of the American Library Association organized a panel of Ukrainian, Sudanese and Iranian Librarians to offer ideas on “What Librarians in the U.S. Can Learn From Feminist Struggles in Ukraine, Sudan, Iran.”  Below is the description and video link of the panel.

Feminists are actively involved in the current struggles against Russia’s imperialist invasion of Ukraine, war between military factions in Sudan, and religious fundamentalist rule in Iran. What are the unique features of the struggles of women in these countries today? What can U.S. librarians learn from them as we face growing authoritarianism, racism, misogyny and homophobia in the U.S.? How can librarians and feminists in these countries help each other’s struggles?

Moderator: Derek Wilmott, SRRT Programming Committee Co-Chair


Dr. Tetiana Granchak, Head, Department of Political Analysis, Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine, member of the Board of the Ukrainian Library Association

Israa Abbas, poet, researcher, cataloger, archivist, and founder of the Sudanese Poetics Archive and the Sudanese Literature Archive.

Frieda Afary, Public librarian, translator, writer, activist, and author of Socialist Feminism:  A New Approach (Pluto Press, 2022)


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